The Reamstown Way Big 4

Picture depicting the Reamstown Way Big 4 traits

The Reamstown Way Big 4 is the foundation for behavioral expectations for all students during their school day. The Reamstown Way Big 4 is an enhanced version of our previous focus on four key values, being respectful, responsible, safe, and kind, by providing overarching “Big Ideas” for applying these values:

• Respectful – Treat Others Right
• Responsible – Maximize Your Potential
• Safe – Make Smart Decisions
• Kind – Serve Others

These expectations are assumed not just in the classroom, but also on the bus, in the cafeteria, on the playground, in the bathroom, and at home. Throughout the school year, students receive instruction on the Big 4 through visual reminders and models, morning announcements, class meetings, and classroom guidance lessons. It is our hope that by delivering thoughtful instruction on developing internal competencies, we will positively influence outward behaviors.

In addition to the Big 4, Reamstown Elementary has embraced the Core Essentials curriculum which combines Character Education and Social Emotional Learning through the teaching of 30 “core essentials” or value words that are rotated every three years. All values point back to our Big 4. Each month centers on a different value and its definition. The values include honor, trust, grit, courage, joy, knowledge, respect, forgiveness, humility, determination, wisdom, initiative, individuality, contentment, service, self-control, compassion, cooperation, hope, perseverance, friendship, integrity, gratitude, generosity, responsibility, kindness, patience, peace, and commitment.

At Reamstown, the values are taught to students through daily announcements, mini lessons during Class Meetings, and Buddy Activities with partner classrooms. These activities may include read-alouds, video clips, discussions questions, and arts/crafts. Each month, the featured value will be announced in the school’s newsletter.

While following the Reamstown Way Big 4 is reinforced in several ways, the main vehicle of reinforcement is through receipt of Big 4 tickets. Tickets are distributed by all staff to students who exemplify the Big 4 values. Each week, random drawings occur in select classrooms to recognize individual students. Only students who have earned a ticket that month can be selected. At the end of each month, a culminating reward is given to two students per classroom who have gone above and beyond to represent the Reamstown Way Big 4. The Monthly Winners will have their names announced on the morning announcements, receive a certificate and a treat; and enjoy lunch with the building principal.

Reamstown is committed and focused to educate the whole child by providing a positive, safe, supportive, and enjoyable school environment.